Mentees will recognize that the importance of a decision is determined by its consequences.

Mentees will identify factors that influence the decisions they make.

Mentees will recognize and use their power to make decisions—even when the decisions are difficult. Type your paragraph here.

Starter (3 minutes)


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  • Hot or Cold?
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  • Conclusion
  • Questions for Assessment


Materials Needed      

A pair of socks rolled into a ball (Part I) 

One copy of the “Hot or Cold?” activity sheet (#1) (Part II)

Read aloud the following paragraph. Ask students to keep count of the decisions you made as you prepared to leave your house for school today:

The alarm went off this morning and I pushed the snooze button (1). Ten minutes later, I got out of bed (2) and took a shower (3). Then, I brushed my teeth (4). For breakfast, I had a glass of juice (5) and a bowl of cereal (6) with bananas (7). I put on these clothes (8) and my black shoes (9). But I changed my shoes (10) before I left the house because I wanted to wear a different pair instead.

Ask various students how many decisions they counted. If students disagree on the number, read the paragraph again, this time marking the count, one by one, as you read. Afterward, say, “It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? I made at least 10 decisions before I left the house this morning. Some were small and I didn’t think about them much. Some were more important and took more thought. Today, we’re going to look at the types of decisions you make.”