The right mix of knowledge, passion and good vibes can turn most things into a positive.  For a group of young men, that combination has been a critical piece for growing boys into men.

BTM takes a positive youth development (PYD) perspective which means that we view the adolescent years as full of potential rather than rife with problems to be solved. Instead of merely encouraging adolescents to avoid risky behaviors, PYD emphasizes strategies that enhance positive qualities that adolescents already possess. The approach views adolescents as having a lot to offer and promotes the idea that MENTORS can make a significant and positive difference in young peoples’ lives.


  • The ability and motivation for civic and social engagement, cultural engagement, physical health, emotional health, intellectual achievement and employability.


  • Having a sense of responsibility and autonomy.
  • Having a sense of spirituality and self-awareness.
  • Having an awareness of one’s own personality or individual


  • ​Membership and belonging.
  • Having a sense of safety and structure.



Positive youth development builds on 5 C's.​

BTM positive youth development approach provides support and encouragement for youth aligned with opportunities for them to succeed in a healthy and supportive environment. This is done while developing skills in many developmental asset areas and increasing both the opportunities to, and ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships with positive adult role models and support.

The sixth C,

contribution, is attained when a person has more fully realized the five C's

ZACHARY CARRINGTON - Nominated for Mentee of the year


  • Having a sense of mastery and future.
  • Having a sense of self-efficacy.


  • Sense of being cared for and loved.
  • Ability to form strong friendships.
  • Desire to care for others; family, peers, community and global.