Parenting Workshops

Group meetings, workshops, and family events create a sense of community, forge friendships and respond to some of our parent’s sense of isolation; broadening parents’ local experience and social skills. 

Mentoring Field Trips

Field trips are the best way to help children learn information. When a child learns about something in a classroom it is sometimes hard for them to understand what it really is. If they see it they have that picture and they can remember what it was about.

Books, Materials and other related parenting items are available. Please ask!

Conflict management

The first course of action for the BTM mentor and mentee should always be to talk openly with each other about the issue at hand and to actively listen to what the other person is saying. Preferably, this dialogue will take place face to face.

Leadership training

The  goal of the Boys To Men Foundation Leadership Mentoring Program is to develop public speaking skills, teamwork, formation in virtue, and sportsmanship in an environment that is fun, safe and dedicated to bringing out the best in boys - tomorrow's leaders.

Teaching self respect

Mentoring has a significant positive impact on boys’ perception of their academic abilities, which constitutes a specific aspect of self-esteem that is particularly important for boys’ academic achievement. Evidence suggests that mentoring can be an effective strategy for increasing youth self-esteem.


                   -THE BTM WAY-


- Character is a set of personal traits or dispositions that evoke specific emotions, inform motivation and     guide conduct.
- Character education is an umbrella term for all explicit and implicit educational activities that               helps young people develop positive personal traits called virtues.
- Our mentoring program helps to instill character strengths in our young people.

School / Home Visits

The first two lessons blend themes of adolescent development and parenting. Thereafter, mentors can deliver the remaining lessons in any order, combine lessons, or repeat lessons as required to meet the needs of the adolescent mother. Throughout, family members of the adolescent mother are involved as much as possible in the program.


BTM believes in the positive outcomes that come from powerful relationships that benefit not only the two individuals involved but also our families, our communities, our country.


Our schools are suffering from severe budget cuts and are most appreciative of help from community volunteers. What could be more rewarding than helping a child all year and starting to see their improvement?  Most of these students are eager to learn when given a chance.

Community service events                           (mothers are required to actively participate)

Community based events partnering with organizations with an academic and asset-building focus to build the confidence and resilience of boys ages 7–17.