BTM  Moving Up Ceremony  is a Celebration of learning, where the audience includes community members, parents, sponsor partners, mentors and mentee students will practice and polish their presentation skills so that they can share their best work with others. All that practice will pay off in the arena of life. We have BTM senior mentees, Kaz, Jayden, Maxwell, Avion, Aaron, and others who have videoed and blogged about their experience with the Boys to Men Foundation. Their passage turns into promise.

Boys to Men Foundation's motto " A Step in the Right Direction"  defines and spotlights achievement as leadership and character and is an essential marker of moving up. Character includes the academic mindsets that students bring to learning (perseverance, inquiry, organization) and the way students treat and work with others (respect, tolerance, collaboration). At the Boys to Men Foundation, the character traits are in the BTM Creed, and they guide students throughout and beyond their years at school. 

Moving Up presentations are an opportunity for students to reflect on who they’ve become as people and to envision the shape of their own future. When students pay attention to how they have become citizens and scholars, they are more likely to realize their intentions for becoming successful adults beyond graduation. 

Community, connection and celebration

Moving up makes space for those who care deeply about their children, to honor students’ achievements and welcome them into a world of new choices and opportunities.  It’s also a chance for students to appreciate the sacrifices and generosity others have given to help them succeed.  “When I was younger I would fight and not complete school assignments to get attention. I was extremely angry. But here at the Boys to Men Foundation, the mentors challenged me. They pushed us to think deeper. It’s helped me get prepared for our educational journey , and I know I’ll be a step ahead,” says Jayden Davis."  The gratitude students, families, and other members of the community show during our Moving Up Ceremony will spill over into inspiration — a warm wave that carries both student and the wider community joyfully forward onto the next shore of their lives.

Thank you for your continued support

BTM  Moving Up Ceremony