The Larger our BTM HONOR memberships, the greater our resources and reach.  We have had many schools and locations in and around Mecklenburg county, who wanted our program as part of their everyday youth functions. Also principles in New York, Florida and South Carolina have contacted us for help in their communities.

Together we can direct this generation of young men to aspire to greatness and inspire their own communities.  

THANK YOU, in advance for your help

Steviin James

Steviin James

Vice President

This is Boys To Men Foundation's vision of success. We are looking to make this vision a reality for many more youth males.

For over 10 years Boys To Men foundation has mentored and directed young men and enhanced their employability in two key ways: providing guidance to address professional and personal challenges and enhancing career readiness skills.

But we need your help to succeed.

The Mentees

BTM Mentors work with our young men to help them set goals, build leadership and time management skills, advocate for themselves, develop self-confidence, and refine their belief systems and ethics, all of which can help them present their best selves in professional and employment settings.

Please Help

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