​​Young Men Society   

Young Men Society is the central program of the Boys to Men Foundation. At risk elementary, middle and high school students and their mentors participate in a structured program of support.           

Entrepreneurs                     Entrepreneurs focuses on providing students with financial and business knowledge.  


Turnaround focuses on students who are chronically suspended from middle and high schools. 
Conversation With A Young Male​engages youth involved in the juvenile court system.

Boys To Men Foundation envisions that every young man has the supportive relationships they need to grow and develop into thriving, productive and engaged adults.

​​BTM Promotes Education​

At Boys to Men Foundation believe that education is a key element to becoming a  man but  importantly a productive citizen.  

BTM Promotes Family­ ​     

The Boys to Men Foundation believe that family is a necessary component in the development of a young male transition into manhood.  

BTM  Enhances Community­ ​The Boys to Men Foundation believes that by supporting the community in a variety  of outreach programs will provide a strong sense of belonging vital to becoming a productive member of  society.

Mentoring involves the commitment of time and specific efforts by a more experienced person to the development of a mutually beneficial, supportive and nurturing relationship with a less experienced person.

 As a part of the BTM Foundation program, young men and boys age 9-17 receive group mentoring and tutoring, as well as home and school visits by our qualified mentors. In order to participate in the program, parents and students must participate in our community service activities and parents must attend monthly parent workshops provided by the BTM Foundation.