Building strong bonds with peers within the same age frame and development level

  • "Boys To Men Foundation "Out-Of- School-Safe-Haven" program.  Because of COVID-19, Charlotte/Mecklenburg schools have decided that children will have two weeks of in-person classes this fall and then go full virtual remote instruction. BTM's answer to that problem is to established a safe and enriching place during school hours, while parents are at work. BTM "OOSSH" program provides a comprehensive, teachers assisted program in Charlotte/Mecklenburg  School District sites, for children 4th through 12th grade.

  • “Moving Up Advancement Ceremony", where we offer scholarships to our mentees who are graduating high school and moving up to college. The ceremony is held each May.  Scholarships are Awarded of each year at the "Move up advancement ceremoney" in the month of May each year. 

  • "Cultural Awareness Week"  -  Exploring diverse cultures shows a common thread in all and allows children to feel connected and develop a sense of belonging to the community. That sense of belonging and social connection is a protective buffer for mental health and well being, reducing stress, depression and violence. Cultural Awareness week allows development of a strong sense of one’s own cultural history and traditions, as well as cultures that differ from their own. The resulting effect is a positive association to diversity by removing fear and misunderstanding of the unknown, and an increased sense of self-worth.

    As a  BTM Honors Member,  make a gift of 60 cents a day. That's $18 a month.  A gift of $18 per month will go a long way in helping us spread our wings and give hope to many more boys who are in desperate need for growth and direction. All BTM BTM Honors Member will receive a BTM gold lapel pin and entrance to Daddy's day in the Park, Annual Awards Dinner, Moving Up Advancement Ceremony and a prime vending booth location at any of our events.​​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              SEE ALL MEMBERSHIPS

  ~ Thank you in advance for your help ~

  Just 60 cents a day/ $18 per month

How your help can make a difference - II

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How your help can make a difference - II

Boys To Men Foundation (BTM) mentoring program helps to instill character, leadership and workforce readiness. These are strengths that are needed to become positive participants in our communities.

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BTM has Monday through Thursday group mentoring. We have 2 sessions on Monday and Wednesday, in several locations around the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area and 1 session on Tuesday and Thursday

BTM has been deluged with many offers by Principals of schools in and around the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area and other areas like Monroe, NC,  Rock Hill and Charleston South Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida. We hope to help - develop, guide and direct as many young men, to a positive standing in their community, as we can. By your gift of $18 dollars a month, you can help assure our efforts to mentor and create opportunities through workforce development for as many young men as we can get too. .